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General Questions

How do I login?

Normal users of our site would login using their Email Address and Password they used to register. For our Affiliates, they would login using the same Affiliate ID and Password they would use to access their Back Office.

How many countries does Shopping Sherlock Search facility support?

Sherlock is expanding all across the globe! Our unique Shopping System currently supports the following countries: AUSTRALIA, CANADA, ITALY, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AFRICA, PHILIPPINES, TAIWAN, UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, RUSSIA, SWEDEN, DENMARK, NORWAY, FINLAND, GERMANY and AUSTRIA

How many languages in the site in?

We currently support English, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish

As a customer (and not an affiliate), what features are available to you?

As a customer, you get access to all our shopping tools, networks and discounts on our site.

My country is currently not supported in Sherlock and I've recently tried purchasing a product using Sherlock, but the ecommerce site told me they could not ship to my country. Why is that?

The Sherlock helps you find the best deals online. We do not have any control over the sites or their business practices. You still have to do your homework and make sure the online e-commerce retailer is a reputable company. Plus, whatever they charge for shipping and handling or even the product itself, have nothing to do with the Sherlock. We help you find the best price. Similar to Google. You will find sites on Google (we just happen to have a model for helping you find the best price). Google does not control what those sites sell or where they ship... Our goal/target is to get 200+ active Affiliates in your country. When we do, we will customize the site for your country's market and that will allow us to make sure all the sites do business in your Country.

Why doesn't some of your Shopping Partner sites bring results I am searching for? My friend has been using Sherlock for a few weeks now and always found that some sites never finds up any products.

Some sites does not carry a wide range of products. If the search is for a product our partner site carries, it will pull it up for purchase.

Where is the list of countries Sherlock is in?

Log in to use the product to see countries ‎we have customized the Sherlock. Click on enrollment form to see drop down menu for countries where affiliates can enroll.

Affiliate Program

I just visited my back office and clicked on the list view of genealogy. It says I have no genealogy. Why is that?

Check the date range of the list you requested. If you don't change the date range the report will only show you people in that date range. You probably don't have genealogy in the date range you selected. If you want to see your entire genealogy in the List View report start with the date you started in the business.

Where do I go to check how many customers I have signed up through my replicated URL?

Login at Go to your Edit Profile section, and on the left hand side you will see Signups under the Reports area. Note: Make sure you have signed in using your Affiliate Account.

I love using Sherlock, but I do not wish to be an affiliate any longer. Can I still use the Sherlock?

Of course you can! You can share and shop as a normal user can, but you will no longer be qualified to receive usage income. Signups and shopping will still continue to be tracked back to the affiliate account, so if you should decide to join again, you can benefit from earning from all your customers shopping activity moving forward.


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